Once you find self love and your own sense of direction its really hard to go down any other path that isn't yours. Sure the journey might've been hell but the ending results are always greater and so much more worth it. The relationship with yourself sets the tone for others.. Always do things your way.


  • Dear baby D’yani,
    I wish you knew what I know now. Letting people take advantage of you and mistreat you shouldn’t have even been an option. Although, a lot of the time you were oblivious due to the fact that your heart was blocking what was clear as day. For that, I forgive you. I can never be mad at you for being YOU. You are as pure and lighthearted as they come. Never change who you are for anyone. While on this journey of conquering the world, take no prisoners. You have let people come in and put their 2 cents in and it never worked out in your favor. Why? Because u didn’t commit to it in the way you saw fit. If your way is difficult, find another way OR MAKE ONE. You are destined for greatness and beyond worthy. Claim your thrown. I love you.

  • Preachhhhh🙌🏾


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